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Train Services in Pune :

Train Number Train Name Source Station Dep. Time Destination Station Arr. Time
0113 Pune Solapur Special Pune Junction/PUNE 09:30AM Solapur Junction/SUR 01:30PM
0116 Pune Osmanabad Special Pune Junction/PUNE 02:15PM Osmanabad/UMD 07:10PM
0135 Pune Agra Superfast Special Pune Junction/PUNE 02:10PM Agra Cantt./AGC 12:45PM
0149 Pune Ahmedabad Special Pune Junction/PUNE 03:20PM Ahmedabad Junction/ADI 04:00AM
0153 Pune Gorakhpur Special Pune Junction/PUNE 03:30PM Gorakhpur Junction/GKP 11:55PM
0229 Pune Jaipur Special Pune Junction/PUNE 03:20PM Jaipur/JP 01:40PM
0829 Howrah Superfast Special Pune Junction/PUNE 09:00AM Howrah Junction/HWH 07:30PM
1008 Deccan Express Pune Junction/PUNE 03:30PM Mumbai CST/CSTM 07:40PM
1010 Sinhagad Express Pune Junction/PUNE 06:05AM Mumbai CST/CSTM 10:05AM

Bus Services in Pune

There are frequent buses to almost all parts of Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Buses depart every 15 minutes from Pune to Chennai and there are also buses to Kollam, Tenkasi, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli,Eranakulam etc.

There are lot of private bus operators as well, who provide services on local and short-distance routes.